Saturday, November 20, 2010

SiteCore 6.4

SiteCore is a great .NET-based CMS.

I've seen so many CMS's, I'm frankly sick of them. Give me something useful and new. Hello, SiteCore. It's definitely better than Kentico, Umbraco, DotNetPuke, Sharepoint (ok not just a CMS but hey), OBS and even the legendary Pile of Code.

The Online Marketing Suite is the icing in the cake. I was in an OMS training day a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Instrument your code; watch the marketing people have orgasms. Great stuff.

Thing is, the latest version 6.4 is still not going to *properly* support MVC or .NET 4. MVC I'm still out on; yes I know Model-View-Controller is a great pattern, not sure ASP.NET's version is that good though.

ASP.NET 4 WebForms is superb - please read this if you're not up to speed on the many new features it offers. Most ASP.NET developers are WebForms based, and MVC is a big paradigm shift for them. I know it allows a greater testing surface, amongst other benefits, but if you're doing your job properly and maybe following an MVP pattern in your web applications, then why switch ?

I think SiteCore have a fight on their hands; open-source competitors are going to eat into their share if they can't provide up to date development models, and frankly their licensing takes the piss. They want to charge us for staging licenses. Like.. what ??? Get bent guys..

The real question. Is Orchard the new messiah, or just a very naughty boy ?

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  1. G'day Monkey Boy, I thought it was a pretty big call saying SiteCore "definitely better than Kentico, Umbraco, DotNetPuke, Sharepoint". So I decided to check it out, but I cant even demo it without have a rep contact me, meh!

    Jeremy Thompson