Thursday, October 6, 2016


This is the TLA for a new venture which I, as senior Website-Building Fromage to the Gentry, have been asked to make.

My brief was to make it a) simple to edit and b) editable by simples, so I decided to re-visit my own CMS with a view to "getting this done" (TM). (PS Sorry Sitecore, but you're not going to stoop to this end of the market or their budgetary constraints !)

So as I've basically copy-paste inherited my CMS into hmmm 5 or 6 websites now, with the usual "it deviates here" shenanigans that you get when copying and pasting an entire Visual Studio solution and databases for re-use.

I've done some more sensible stuff, including modularisificating my CMS framework into, let's see now, actual modules (the CMS and its base stuff is now in its own assembly, yay !)

I've studied Bootstrap and the whole "semantic HTML" concept quite a lot at PING Works, mainly as a side-effect of being asked to POC Sitecore Habitat. I'm also trying to do this in my own CMS; with the objective being to understand semantic HTML, modularity and re-skinnability as central tenets to both Sitecore builds (i.e. high-end clients) and my own (i.e. not so).

What in the hell am I talking about ? Dunno mang, watch this space as I reveal all ! Or just a bit. Or maybe nothing. More to follow. Maybe.