Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Javascript Frameworks

Richard sent this list of Javascript / Web frameworks around the office today.

The stupendously named batman.js caught my eye, as I am prone to following daft names, although my knowledge of Coffeescript is not great (I've had a play).

However, the even more daftly named Mustache and it's big brother Handlebar.js (where do people get these names from ?) are more my thing and I am playing with them now. More to follow.

Initial Thoughts on RavenDB

It's good.

More to follow :)

But seriously, it's good and I'm scratching around the surface at the moment. I prefer its simpler-use approach to document (i.e. object) storage compared to Mongo. I like the fact it's natively JSON and I can serialize an entire object graph in one go.

I like the fact that I can embed it it an application. As in - embed the server.

Rumour is that Sitecore 7.0 is going to support it. Interesting. We at 5 Limes may find a use for it sooner rather than later.

And I'm currently exploring the way it implements Map/Reduce indexes

More to follow. Much more probably - this is my R & D subject at work, and I have to present it next week. Wonder if I can use it to present CQRS to the team in my next project ?