Sunday, October 31, 2010

SQL 2008 - Stupid options and sensible practices
H/T to Dan Rigsby for saving me a metric crapload of time.

Ok I can see the sense, somehow - that option prevents you from saving table changes that require the table to be copied, dropped and re-created with the changes, for example, when changing column nullability.

But to have this enabled when you're in the thick of the database design and creation process is just bloody annoying. Took me a few expletives raged at the monitor too. Grrr.

After thinking about this a bit further, it's actually a really stupid option. Anyone making changes to production databases using the table designer should be put up against a wall and shot.

Production databases. These are things that must be updated with extreme caution.

Scripting is the only way to go. At a push, use SqlCompare if you're lazy, but I've seen that go wrong too.

Script any and all database changes as you make them in development. Round-table these with the others  if you're working in a team. Work out a strategy for updating, migrating data, and so on.

In other words, do it properly ffs. Database changes are the cause of at least 176% of all production problems and if you and the guys work out a process, you are thinking correctly. If you rely on stupid table designer features to save you from your own stupidity, then you're stupid.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blake's 7 is awesome :)

First technology-related post is about something to do with .NET actually no, bollocks. Watched all of the first 3 series of Blake's 7 recently. Well, series 3 is more Avon's 7 but I digress.

They don't make TV like this any more. Ok so the special effects are awful - models wobbling through the outer reaches of the BBC cleaning supplies cupboard, computers made from Lego, the inside of the Liberator looks like it was bolted together during a drunken after-party at B & Q. Some of the acting is a bit hammy.

But most of it is great, the stories are superb and it was totally better than Star (urgh) Trek, which did and shall always suck, copiously. I generally hate sci-fi TV shows, but this slice of 70's/early 80's nostalgia was great to relive. I do vaguely remember it as a kid.. had no idea what it was all about of course.

Next post will be about .NET, promise ;o)