Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blake's 7 is awesome :)

First technology-related post is about something to do with .NET actually no, bollocks. Watched all of the first 3 series of Blake's 7 recently. Well, series 3 is more Avon's 7 but I digress.

They don't make TV like this any more. Ok so the special effects are awful - models wobbling through the outer reaches of the BBC cleaning supplies cupboard, computers made from Lego, the inside of the Liberator looks like it was bolted together during a drunken after-party at B & Q. Some of the acting is a bit hammy.

But most of it is great, the stories are superb and it was totally better than Star (urgh) Trek, which did and shall always suck, copiously. I generally hate sci-fi TV shows, but this slice of 70's/early 80's nostalgia was great to relive. I do vaguely remember it as a kid.. had no idea what it was all about of course.

Next post will be about .NET, promise ;o)

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